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Personal: I am a first-generation Italian-American, born in 1941. I grew up in Connecticut in the 1940's and 50's.  
I was educated at Central Connecticut State University (BA, 1965 - Biology and Math), and at the
University of
Connecticut (Ph.D. 1969 - Comparative Neurophysiology and Bio-Engineering). I have been married to 
since 1964, and have 3 grown children (Philip-1965, Rebecca--1968, and Paul-1970).
Our family has lived in
Connecticut, Florida, Virginia, Ohio and, since 1979
, in Southern Coastal Maine.

Professional:  I spent my professional  career as a biological scientist, studying the neuro-muscular mechanisms
which control animal movements, especially walking.
I also taught Human Physiology in Graduate and Medical
s at 4 different Universities for 37 years.You can see my entire Professional Resume here.

I’ve always been driven by an urge to create things with my hands; furniture, robots, ceramic pottery,
and machines. Mostly, however, I've been fascinated by
miniatures of all kinds, 3-dimensional expression,
fine details
, and industrial subjects which were weathered, and neglected.

I began as a Model Railroader but, here in Maine, I have also created automata, robots, and even
rolling-ball kinetic sculpture. I have also sculpted my own figures to go with the scale model trains,
and ended up in business; selling hundreds of my figure castings all over the world.

When I retired, in 2007, I expanded my sculpture experience to larger pieces in fired
and glazed
ceramic clay, and have sold many of my ceramic sculptures in local Galleries.

Most recent
ly, however, I have been creating scale models and Dioramas. I think of each scene as a
3-D painting, and pay attention to the theme, colors, composition, details, and finish. I try to make
everything myself, from scratch, but do use a few commercial items.

Click HERE to see a recent newspaper article about my artistic creations.

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Contact me at   cspirito41@gmail.com

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