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My "Faux-Campagne" Loco

  r3 SOLD,  April, 2017
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For a while, I have been fascinated with the Campagne Locomotive, built in Paris during WWI. It was 2-foot (60 cm)
gauge, and was used to haul troops and supplies during trench warfare. What struck me was how a utilitarian
wartime locomotive was still designed with smooth, curved lines, and an eye toward style and appearance.

Here is my prototype inspiration…


Locotracteur à pétrole Campagne sur voie de
                    0,60 m.



In 2013, I decided to do a “loose interpretation” of this loco in 1″ scale. I used the basic frame plan, shortened a bit,
then added and subtracted until I had something pleasing to my eye.

The model was built mostly from styrene plastic sheet and rod, and some homemade resin castings (journal-spring assemblies, etc.).
Jim Russell helped with a vacuum formed hood (bonnet) to make the compound curves. I designed the model to fit over an Aristocraft
motor block and there was still ample space under the frame for batteries, electrics, etc. The details were added to my own taste, and
I attempted to give it a bit of “Steam Punk” flair. The French driver, Hugo (a nod here to the eponymous Scorsese film) was a modified
commercial figure I got from Back2Bay6 Models. Everything else, including the sawed-off shotgun, was scratch built.



In  2017, I have upgraded and rebuilt the Loco. It has a new roof, custom-sculpted driver, a headlight,
Deltang Radio Control, paint and light weathering, and many other details.

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