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Other Creations

Occasionally, I take a hiatus from Scale Models and Sculpture, to indulge
other passions.   One of these, which relates to my scientific work, is Robotics
I am particularly interested in walking robots which use the principles of animal
walking in their design. My latest work in this area can be seen on my


Below are some other projects I have built recently,
in Automata and Rolling-Ball Kinetic Sculpture


The "Franken-Hand" Automaton:             

This  project took my "Hands" sculpture series to the next level by including a "robotic" look,
in a Victorian/Steampunk (brass and copper) style, and simulated human movement (automata).

I sculpted a life-size hand, in a relaxed pose, and then I added "robotic" joints at the knuckles.

hand         hand2

The next step was to add brass joints, hinges, support bands, and guides for the cables which would
operate this hand. Some of the metal pieces have a hammered texture, nuts and bolts, and other
hardware, to make them look suitably "Steam-Punk-ish".


Below is a video of the Franken-Hand in action...

Project  B     Rolling-Ball Sculpture #1               
(completed 9/1/13)

For my next project, I bought a "MM-1 Marble Machine" kit (now out of production) from
Michael Henriksen. Of course, I couldn't just build the kit as-purchased; I had to add my
own motor/chain drive, embellish it with added movements, and add a few of my tiny
gnomes, doing their own wacky thing. I mounted the whole machine on an "Irish Tea" box.


There are two videos of this machine.


The FIRST is an overall view, the SECOND is a close-up.


  Project  C    Rolling-Ball Sculpture #2 
(Begun 9/2/13 ... )

My next project was a more complex rolling-ball machine, much larger than #1.
This one
uses steel balls, was designed entirely by me, and built from scratch. Here is
an early video of the "spiral ball-lifter" part of the machine, taken 9/11/13.

Update: March, 2017: I did eventually "finish" the entire machine but, unfortunately,
many "glitches" remain to be fixed. I WILL get back to this someday, and get it
running flawlessly, I hope. Then, I'll make some videos, and post them here.


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