"Il Grillo", a modified Cricket Loco for both 7/8" and 1" scales.

This started as an early “Cricket” single oscillating cylinder loco, built many years ago by
Michael O’Rouke, of Berkley Loco Works. It is one of his very early series with no reverse lever.
It is gas-fired, with manual operation. "Il Grillo" is Italian for cricket.

I did a bunch of cosmetic modifications, including a new mahogany open cab with a sunken well,
Roundhouse dome, extended stack, Talisman bell, wooden end beams, my own link-n-pin
coupler pockets, etc. There are etched brass front number and side nameplates, reading “Il Grillo”.

I have used it in both 7/8” and 1” scales by simply changing drivers.
It looks good both ways (see photos). I sculpted both drivers.


First, the 7/8" Scale version:




Now, the 1" Scale Version


           Same model, two different Driver Figures.