"The Knucklehead", a 1" scale Inspection Loco.

I scratch- and parts-built this little critter in 1” scale, 45mm gauge. A Bachmann side-dump car contributed the side frames,
and the engine started as a 1:12 motorcycle model, which was extensively rebuilt and super-detailed as a proper “Knucklehead” engine. Most of the rest is styrene, brass, and bits from my junk box. The driver, one of my own sculpture, is included.
The loco has a removable roof.

The 4-wheel drive was made from a small servo (converted to continuous rotation), and a set of delrin chains/sprockets.
It runs at a sedate single speed in either direction. Two rechargeable AA batteries, hidden under the floor, provide power,
and a forward-stop-reverse switch is accessed by a lever protruding behind the seat.

Here are some pictures:

  s1   k2

  k3    k4

  k5     k6
  k6     k7
  k8     k9