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Scale Models & Figures       

Here are a few samples of my Scale Models and Figures.
They are mostly train-related, and 1" scale


A "faux" Campagne Locomotive in 1" Scale

These small locomotives were built in Paris, and were used to supply the trenches and retrieve the
wounded during WWI. After the war, they were used as industrial and agricultural locos. My model,
foreshortened and modified for my own tastes, represents what might have happened to one of
the survivors. It is entirely scratch-built in styrene and brass(except for the motor block), and has
battery power and radio control.


  r3 SOLD, April, 2017
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Scale Figures for Model Railroads

Starting around 1995, I began to sculpt scale figures to accompany my Model Trains. As I got more adept at it, I got
requests for copies, so I began molding them in silicon rubber, and casting them in white polyurethane resin. I focused
on 7/8ths inch scale, but also offered figures in 1/2 inch, 1:20 scale, and, most recently, in 1" scale. I sold hundreds
of figures to modelers all over the world, and master sculpts to several companies for resale. I sold my masters and
molds in 2010, and retired from the business. Here are some examples of my work.
1/2" scale figures are about 3" tall,   1:20 figures ... 3.5",   7/8ths figures ... 5.7", and    1"figures ... 6" tall

 fc g2
Same Figure; 1/12, 1:20, 1:24                                                     A group of 1/2" Scale Figures         


A Group of 7/8" Scale Figures


A Group of 1" scale Figures


A fantasy "Knucklehead" Locomotive in 7/8" Scale.

This model was my own creation, based on what a small railroad my do to make their own inspection
loco for the CEO. It is based on a Harley-Davidson "Knucklehead" engine from abouit 1937. The remainder
of the loco was scratch-built to display what the local shop mechanic might have been thinking. Materials
include styrene, brass, and some commercial castings and electronics. The drive is a servo-motor,
modified for continuous rotation. Control is through a forward-off-reverse toggle under the seat.


  r3 SOLD, December, 2014

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"IL Grillo" A live-Steam Loco in 1" Scale

The "Cricket" (grillo in Italian) was a commercial model of a tiny, gear-driven live-steam
locomotive. I acquired an early production model, in 1:20 scale, and proceeded to rebuild
it in 1" scale. The entrie mechanism and boiler remained, but I rebuilt the cab and
other visible "cosmetic" bits to 1" scale.


dot  SOLD, 2014

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A Lister Locomotive in 1" Scale

Built from a fabulous kit once made in England. The kit was produced from
white-metal castings, and I made certain embellishments and added details.
The painting was a layer of auto body primer, followed by base coat of "Hunter Green"
auto body paint (both from rattle cans). The details and weathering are a combination
of acrylic paints and commercial rust treatments.

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A "faux" Deutz Locomotive in 7/8" Scale

Some images of a 1" scale Locomotive which I scratch-built over an LGB motor block. This loco
is closely patterned after (but not an "ezzakt" copy of) a Deutz Locomotive built in Holland. It is
battery-powered and radio-controlled, Mostly styrene. I made the driver and his dog, too.

rr SOLD, July 2010

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A 7/8" Scale Vespa Speeder

This whimsical little critter was built from bits in my scrap box. The drive was
salvaged from and old cassette player, the sideframes ar from an old Bachmann side-tip car,
and the Vespa is a diecast model I picked up in Italy. I sculpted the figure,
and the rest is bits and pieces.


v2     v3

d   SOLD, 2012


7/8" Scale Simplex Locomotive with Animated Driver

Below is a video of an animated driver on my 7/8" scale Simplex loco, totally built from scratch.
Both the loco and the moving head are battery powered and radio controlled.
Unfortunately, only a few photos of this loco have survived.


Here is a video of the driver moving his head, under remote control.


  SOLD, 2009

Images from my former Outdoor Garden Railway,
The Port Clyde Light Railway and Sardine Co. The
operation was closed down in 20010, after
and we moved to a condo.


Evening ride on the Railway.                           Dorinne and I work on the railway.        

s7     t4

The Simplex moves some ballast cars.                                       Il Grillo gives the CEO a train-ride.       

t1     t2

        Left: The pigs are on the tracks again!                                  Right: Gulls watch at Dub unloads sardines


Dockside on the PCR&SCo.


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