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The creations on this page are currently available to see or purchase in my studio.
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Procession to Llasa

A group of seven Tibetan Buddhists take part in a procession, walking to the holy city of Llasa.
Periodically, they assume prayerful poses, saluting the sky, the heart, the earth, and finally the Dali Lama. As they walk,
they work to attain a higher level of spirituality, indicated by their color changing from dark to light.

The sculpture is made up of hi-fired clay figures, accented with variations of iron oxide, and mounted on a
rough wood slab, with stones.      43" long X 10" deep X 17" high, completed  2010    




The Ogre Takes an Evening Ride

An old country Ogre urges his faithful Wild Boar to move along, as he takes his pet raven for a ride on the cart.
This fantasy diorama is totally hand-made, from polymer clay, wood, brass, plastic, Tibetan lamb's wool, leather,
paintbrush bristles, and an old washcloth.
That makes it truly a multimedia piece. It is about 16" long, and 10" high.
The boar was inspired by the movie "Beasts of The Southern Wild" (great flick). The pet raven was made from
polymer clay, with paper feathers. The base has real dirt and gravel, with carved plaster stone wall,
made one-stone-at-a-time.


of7  of3

of4  of5



Leonard Cohen Bust

Shortly after his death, I decided to do a life-size clay portrait of Leonard Cohen. It is done in stoneware clay,
and kiln-fired. After these images were taken, I added a faux-bronze finish.

lc3   lc4


Vespa Repair Shop

This diorama is an enlarged and re-built version of the "Vespa Tune-Up" shown below. I started with a much larger
and added a building front, a corner fence, and a whole bunch of details from other scooter models
I had. I think that it looks a lot better, and garnered a lot of "Wow" comments. It was clearly the favorite of the
crowds at a recent Art Show. Built July, 2017


sc2   sc1

sc4   sc5


The "Franken-Hand" Automaton:             

This  project took my "Hands" sculpture series to the next level by including a "robotic" look,
in a Victorian/Steampunk (brass and copper) style, and simulated human movement (automata).

I sculpted a life-size hand, in a relaxed pose, and then I added "robotic" joints at the knuckles.

hand         hand2

The next step was to add brass joints, hinges, support bands, and guides for the cables which would
operate this hand. Some of the metal pieces have a hammered texture, nuts and bolts, and other
hardware, to make them look suitably "Steam-Punk-ish".


Below is a video of the Franken-Hand in action...


Il Caffe - Bar
This Diorama shows a scene in an Italian Coffee Bar in the 1920's. The Espresso Machine is a vintage model, and the figure sitting on the right is a portrait of my father, Pasquale. Most of the diorama was made by me, but a few things (cups, saucers, stove) were made from kits. The scale (as are most of my dioramas) is 1" per foot.  Built, 2015

bar1  bar2

bar3   bar4


The Courier

This diorama was inspired by a sketch from Ian McCue, a concept artist. It depicts a future time and place , including levitating versions fo our vehicles. The model again started with a toy scooter, with a new jet engine and a custom driver.  Built, 2016

m1   m2  

m3   m4


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