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an Operating Railway/Diorama

                              Some Background...
 Welcome to the seaside village of Terranova, on the Northern Mediterranean (Ligurian) coast of Italy.
The emotional feel is damp and foggy, smoky, and dark, but with occasional colourful, bright accents.
The style is mixed industrial-rural, the setting is the edge of town, and it's hard-working little railway.

My diorama is a small, operating narrow-gauge model railway running on a wide shelf in my workshop.
The scale is 1/12 (1" scale), and the track (32mm gauge) represents a minimum-gauge (15") industrial
tramway. After
70 years of building railway models and having indoor and outdoor layouts, I needed
somewhere to display and run trains now that I live in a condominium. This is the best available option.
It is 20" X 64" in size, and is on a 40"-high shelf, offering eye-level views and lots of storage underneath.

Here are some in-progress and current views. It is built with a wood frame, has a 1" rigid foam base,
and hand-laid track. It is entirely battery-powered, and Radio-Controlled (Deltang System).

The Early Days; View of overall track plan from above. Some modifications came later.

The Early Days; Foam base, trackage, and early version of  buildings.
tn1   tn2

Present Day; All-but-finished. Right end still needs work.
tn3   tn3  

Details of figures and pigeons on the piazza
tn5   tn6